A former staff writer with the Daily Hampshire Gazette and assistant editor, reporter, sometimes photographer, and Free Sport blogger at the Valley Advocate, Pete Redington’s work has appeared in AMC Outdoors, Preview Massachusetts, In These Times, The Ski Journal, Z Magazine, and elsewhere, including the anthologies A Cup of Comfort for Fathers, and My Dog Is My Hero.

He has written about roller derby, death cafés, and living off-grid in the Rockies; interviewed Bill Maher, Charles Neville, and Ariel Gore; reported on affluent economic justice activists, the acceptance of gay athletes, and the inauguration of President Barack Obama; searched for the former Leyendecker mansion, the former Nearing homestead, and various lost ski areas in New England; and reviewed books by Dave Zirin, Christopher McDougall, and William “Upski” Wimsatt, albums by The Be Good Tanyas, The True Jacqueline, and Mostly Other People Do The Killing, and films by HBO Sports.

Previously, he was an Outward Bound instructor in Boston, Massachusetts, a social studies teacher in northern Vermont, and a college radio jazz deejay in Providence, Rhode Island.

When not writing, he enjoys listening to too much sports radio, reading multiple books at the same time, and wandering about in the woods.

He lives in western Massachusetts, and does not know how to sail.

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