The Wicked Awesome Mask of Bruins Goalie Tuukka Rask

Ever since Jason donned a goalie mask for Friday the 13th, the face-protecting gear of the hockey goalie has enjoyed a cultural significance far beyond the confining boards of the ice rink. Flash forward a few decades, and now every NHL goalie seems to be sporting a mask which holds significance to both themselves as players, as well as the franchise they mind the net for, too.

And Boston Bruins goalie Tuukka Rask is no different.

Hockey goalies are notorious for being something of a different breed of athlete. After all, who would willfully choose a life dedicated to stopping hundred mile-an-hour slapshots? But watching Rask in postgame interviews, he’s always looked, to me, like some unassuming skater kid – who just happens to be one of the NHL’s top goalies. This admittedly irrational viewer response of mine has only been reinforced by the custom goalie helmet Rask has worn since his minor league (AHL) days in Providence, a helmet that strikes me as decidedly skateboard- (or, snowboard-) like in its artistic design.

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