Northeast Meatheads Get National Ski Press Respect

After more than a decade making movies that celebrate the perfectly imperfect outdoor experience that is skiing here in the Northeast, the Meatheads have received some serious national respect, winning “a Powder [Magazine] Award for Best Powder Segment of the Year for their segment on Jay Peak,” Dan Egan reports for Edging the Xtreme, “a massive accomplishment considering last year was not the snowiest and here in the East, we’re not generally known for our deep powder turns.”

The celebrated segment is featured in this year’s annual Meathead offering, No Matter What.

“The Northeast is a relatively small region, with a unique culture and vibe,” Meatheads photographer and co-owner Chris James told me last year (see “Sirloin Slopes: The Meatheads bring East Coast beef to ski films,” Valley Advocate, 11/10/11), adding that this region breeds “talent, toughness, and determination like nowhere else.”

Of course, it doesn’t hurt to add a little Jay Peak powder to that equation, as well.

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