Royce White: The Most Dangerous Man in the NBA

It’s not likely you’ve heard much about Royce White. And there’s good reason for that. He’s a mere rookie, currently playing for the Rio Grande Valley Vipers, the D [developmental] League team of the Houston Rockets. So far, his professional career has totaled about twenty minutes of court time.

Except White is not your average, everyday player struggling to make it as a pro. For one thing, he is suffering from mental illness. For another, he’s very outspoken about it. And he refuses to sideline (no pun intended) his personal safety for the business bottom line of the NBA, even if that means ruining his so-called career, and kissing away millions of dollars in salary, because of that stance.

We hear all the time, usually from star athletes facing trade rumors halfway through their season, that big time sports are a business. And they are. And while many, if not most of us recognize that athletes are both stars and commodities of the games we, as spectators, love to watch, the fact that rookie Royce White is making a name for himself by addressing this capitalist sports complex conundrum straight on seems a very big deal indeed.

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