How Much of a Sports Tax Are You Paying?

Big time sports, be they professional teams or high-profile university programs, are big time business. But how much is the average citizen, whether a sports fan or not, paying to subsidize the commerce of our culture’s athletic obsession?

Quite a bit, argues David Sirota, in his recent article over at In These Times, “Didn’t Watch the Super Bowl? You Still Got Charged: 4 Ways Everyone in America Pays a Sports Tax, including $1 billion a year to the NFL.”

“That term—Sports Tax—is not hyperbolic,” says Sirota. “In a week that saw Louisiana fork over $5 million to the NFL for the privilege of helping that league make big Super Bowl money, Sports Tax is the most accurate catch-all label for the four sets of levies the public is being made to shell out.”

Read on at Free Sport


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