Parastrophics, by Mouse on Mars

In 1997, Mouse On Mars recorded the soundtrack for Glam, an ill-fated Australian film featuring Tony Danza. It’s difficult to imagine why the movie producers ever entertained the notion of pairing Mouse On Mars with Danza. The soundtrack was eventually rejected. Parastrophics, the tenth album by the German techno duo of Andi Toma and Jan St. Werner, features 13 tracks that range from just under one minute long to well over five minutes. All of them buzz along with an enjoyably transient dance quality, filled with light drum sounds, heavy bass lines, and a cacophony of experimental electronica. The phrasing is ponderous, the beats kinesthetic, and the melodies melodious, even if the sampling is captured in such a way that one has no idea what is being listened to. A bizarre backdrop for a Tony Danza feature indeed.

(Originally appeared in The Valley Advocate.)


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